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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

What Are You Reading Wednesday

Time for another installment of... What are you reading Wednesday? This is a regular blog feature in which we share some lines from the books we're reading, talk about why we like the book/characters/author and get some ideas for books to add to our To Be Read piles. Because don't we all need more books to read? Yeah, I thought so.

So, turn to page 150 in the book you're reading, go to line 15 and write the line in the comments section. I'll start us off:

"Inigo moved paniched up the dark streets, desperately afraid. Why this giant fear? What was he afraid of?" The Princess Bride ~ S. Morganstern (yep, the Good Parts Version)

I love this book, although I watched the movie first. Didn't even know the book existed until I went to college and found a dusty copy in the stacks. And the book really brought the characters I'd met on the big screen come to life. I love Buttercup and Westley and even crazy old Miracle Max. But Inigo is my favorite. He's determined and reckless and a fighter...and he saves Westley, who then saves Buttercup. If that's not an alpha male, I don't know what is!

Okay, time to share some lines - what are you reading and what do you like about the book, characters, plot, etc.?

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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

What Are You Reading Wednesday

Time for another installment of... What are you reading Wednesday? This is a regular blog feature in which we share some lines from the books we're reading, talk about why we like the book/characters/author and get some ideas for books to add to our To Be Read piles. Because don't we all need more books to read? Yeah, I thought so.

So, turn to page 150 in the book you're reading, go to line 15 and write the line in the comments section. I'll start us off:

"Her village houses glowed invitingly, making Abby imagine strolling along between them, hand in hand with Dirk as they peeped into shop windows and snuggled together to stay warm." ~ The Nurse Who Saved Christmas by Janice Lynn

This is the second Janice Lynn medical romance I've picked up and...I really like it! I've enjoyed them both, but this one has stuck with me a little more. So much that I'm re-reading a Christmas book at the beginning of March!

Okay, you're turn: what are you reading?

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Welcome Chloe Cole and L.C. Chase

 Hiya, everyone! I have two very special guests on the blog today - talking about a hot new romance release. This week "Three to Tango", written by Chloe Cole and L.C. Chase released...and we have Chloe and L.C. here today, yakking about the book, their writing partnership and what's next on their writerly journey.

Here's a little blurbage from the book (and isn't that a sweet cover??):

Best friends and roommates, Jace and Melody have been inseparable since middle school. Although Mel knows Jace is gay, she has yet to find a man who can compare. When they decide to add a third roommate to their nest, they both find themselves falling for him. It's not the first time they've wanted the same man, but this time, they're both determined to get him. Agreeing Alec should be the one to choose, they begin a heated competition for a place in Alec’s bed and his heart. Winner take all, no hard feelings...

Alec has lived with his two gorgeous roomies for six months. So far, he’s managed to relegate his desire for each of them to his daydreams. When he discovers that they both want him and have decided to compete for his attention, he sets out to prove that it can be win-win situation for all of them, and he shouldn’t have to choose.

Sometimes it takes three to tango.

Kristina- First, the book. This is one hawt read, how did you come up with the concept?

Chloe - I think I may have lobbed up some ideas about the characters and their occupations after the fact, but the core of the story was all L.C. We agreed to separately come up with a handful of ideas each, throw them into the pot and see which one grabbed us. It was remarkably easy to make our decision once they were out there. These characters sort of drew us in early on and we both knew fairly quickly that this was the story we were meant to tell together. 

L.C. – You know, I actually don’t remember how that popped into my head – but it was originally called “A Perfect Circle”. I do remember wanting to try something light, something dark, and something in between. Tango was the light idea, of course, and like Chloe said, was clearly meant to be our story.

Kristina - Which character is your fave – Jace, Mel or Alex?

Chloe - Oooh, I KNOW L.C. and I are going to have different answers here! I am going to say Mel. Even though I love the boys, Mel makes me laugh. She’s such a tomboy in some ways and she’s the type of chick I would love to hang out with and chat with over a margarita. 

L.C. – Chloe knows me so well. ;-) I love them all, of course, but Jace holds a special place in my heart. I have a thing for the creative, driven, soulful, heart-wide-open types. He’s just a doll, and want to wrap him up in a big ole hug.

Kristina- How did your writing partnership develop?

Chloe - L.C. and I are both members of an awesome crit group called Chapter By Chapter.  There are currently 7 active members and we spend a lot of virtual time with one another. We’re a really diverse group, so we have some members who write sweeter romance, some geared more toward single title, others toward category etc. L.C. and I both were writing more erotic romance, and were both really open about genre, length etc.  At the same time, we have really different styles. She has a really lilting, lovely voice, whereas mine is more sort of terse and punchy.  I felt like we could really do something interesting by mixing our styles together.  So I emailed her and asked if she wanted to write a book with me. I think she said “DUH! OF COURSE I DO!” and the rest is history.

L.C. – Yep, I believe “DUH” is what I said. Like there was any other answer. ;-) We have a fabulous crit group, and I love everyone’s voices for different reasons. I always loved Chloe’s voice – sharp, sassy, refreshing. So, there was no way I was going to pass on collaborating with her. The girl rocks! 

Kristina - You both write solo novels as well as working in partnership … was it hard to stop writing just for yourself and instead write with another author in mind?

Chloe - Nope. In theory, it should have been really hard. I mean, I’m a total panster, and you really can’t do that when you’re writing as a team.  So we brainstormed and outlined the whole thing etc. then sort of called dibs on chapters, depending on how strongly we felt about them. So I was like “Dibs on 1!” and she was like “Ooh, dibs on 3!” and somehow it all worked out. As we wrote and the characters grew, things changed.  Some things got dropped, some added etc. but it really flowed and we were both totally willing to let things morph sort of naturally. Now that you mention it, I’m going to go back and look at our original outline just for giggles. 

L.C. – Not at all. We pretty much hit the ground running, stride-for-stride, start to finish, laughing the whole way. For me, having to be accountable to another author challenged me to step up my game – and I live for challenge. ;-) I’m probably a bit more of a planner, but we both had zero issue rolling with changes as they came, and every piece fit nice and tight in just the right place.  The whole process was just… smooth.

Kristina - What is next for you – as solo writers and as a combo…will we see another collaboration soon?

Chloe - I’m just finishing up a sequel to my Ellora’s Cave release, "Naughty Godmother". Then I have a steampunk romance called "The Twisted Tale of Stormy Gale" coming out with Carina Press in April, which I am super excited about. As for another collaboration, we had started mapping one out while we were still writing "Three to Tango!" It’s a sooper seekrit m/m vamp novel. We’ve both been working on some solo projects, but we’ve already done some of the outlining etc. and look forward to getting it off the ground in the next month or so.

L.C. - I currently have a contemporary M/M romance about a couple of hot cowboys out on submission (fingers crossed), as well as two more M/M contemporaries in progress, one of which should be complete by the end of March. As for our next Cole/Chase collaboration, did you see what Chloe just said? It’s going to be novel length. J I’m stoked!

Kristina - Where can readers buy "Three to Tango"?

Chloe - Right now, it’s available here on the Loose Id website. Within the next few weeks it will be available at third party retailers, including Amazon.

L.C. – Yeah, what she said.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Not The Usual Fairytale

Okay, show of hands: who read fairy tales growing up? Okay, lotsa hands. Next question: didja like Grimm's versions? Or is Disney more to your taste? Me? I used to re-write the Grimm version to be more Disney-esque...but now that I'm all growed up, I like a little Grimm in my fairytales, too. Which brings me to Deanna Wadsworth's fairytale take on Red Riding Hood and Sleepy Hollow.  

Nope, you're not going to find a huntsman skinning the wolf alive...but the wolf does get a little frisky with Li'l Red...and no, you won't find an actual headless man gunning for villagers in Sleepy Hollow..just one lonely guy looking for love.

I read Red Riding Hood a couple of weeks ago, but when I saw that Deanna had another steamed-up fairy tale coming out I decided to wait and review them both at the same time because they're quick reads and, well, one fairy tale is never enough, don't you agree? Yeah, me, too. On with the review.

In Red Riding Hood, it turns out that our favorite girl is actually a spoiled and selfish girl who thinks mostly about how she can get what she wants. What does she want? Well, everything good...Her grandmother has given her a red velvet cloak, you see, and she wonders what it would feel like to wear just the cloak. The problem? A villager has followed her into the woods - along with a wolf - and they'd like to join her on the cloak...and this is where the fairytale becomes Not Your Grandma's Fairytale...

In Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod Crane is attracted to Brom Bones, but Katrina could be his meal ticket...except that Brom sorta kidnaps ole' Ichy and ties him to a bed...and this is where this fairy tales becomes Nor Your Grandma's Fairytale...

What I like about the books: I love that Deanna has worked parts of the old fairytales in (Oh, Grandma, what big teeth you have....) and her voice is uniquely suited to tell a fairytale. As I was reading the books I found my voice becoming more rhythmical and discovered that I sounded just the tiniest bit like the narrator from Desperate Housewives. In both books I found Red and Ichabod lovingly unlovable and liking them that way. I didn't want Red to realize that what she was doing was 'wrong', I wanted her to finally find satisfaction, if you will.

What I didn't like about the books: Ummm...can 'too short' be a dislike? I mean, fairytales aren't meant to be 200 pages. But as Red ended, I found that I wanted the story to go on a little longer. Same with Ichabod and Brom.

So go check out Red and Sleepy...but don't blame me if you find yourself reading deep into the night. These are definitely Not Your Grandma's Fairytales!

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